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Google’s new Datally android app is a smart mobile data saver with an exceptional feature to locate WiFi in nearby areas.

Datally app actually acts like data manager which ensures it’s users to gain control of mobile data. It helps to monitor and save mobile data through tracking and allowing to control an apps data usage.

It’s somehow rivaling Samsung’s Ultra-Data Saving Mode where a user’s data is saved by automatically restricting the data usage of every apps, even you can opt for normal data usage allowance for apps.

Now let’s have a look on the Datally app.

Registering on Datally app:

After installing and opening the app users will be shown the Datally’s icon as shown above and on the next page users will have to click on ‘GET STARTED’ button. Now it will ask it’s users to turn usage access, it can be simply opened through the ‘OPEN USAGE ACCESS’ button below. At last to help Datally to improve your experience click on the ‘YES, I AGREE’ button.

Before Data Saver is On

Datally with an simple interface comes with lots of features, as shown on the above photo. On the top users will be shown mobile data usage for the current day, below that a button for Data Saver is located. Features like manage data, daily limit, bubble tracker, unused apps, guest mode and find WiFi are well embedded on the home screen.

We used the app and details are below,


Users will just need to click on the data saver button and a pop will appear for allowing the permission to use a secure VPN. VPN is required for data compression.

Manage Data

After that users can manage their data according to the preferences. They can choose between different apps whether to block mobile data or let the apps to use mobile data.

Daily Limit

Users can even set daily data limit which looks similar like android’s inbuilt daily data usage limit feature.

Bubble Tracker

Before Data Saver is On

Bubble tracker feature helps to see how much data each apps are using in real time. It’s like floating icon which you can activate or you can hide.

Unused Apps

Unused apps feature enables users to see which unused apps are using mobile data. Guest mode helps to set a limit for mobile data sharing.

Find WiFi

Find WiFi, a remarkable feature ensures that users never gets run out of data. It helps people to know nearby WiFi spot around the areas.

My Updates

My updates feature located to the below can be accessed by swiping the screen. It highlights the apps which are causing major data usage. A share link is also there which helps to spread the Datally app to friends and family.


Datally’s settings can be reached out by click on the top left corner of the home screen. We going through the setting saw, that their is option through which an user can unregister themselves. They can even opt out of nearby WiFi notification, rate WiFi notification, remove business from WiFi page. Through setting users can reset which app can use data, it’s like restoring everything.


Using Datally app was simple and it was light with a quality interface. It looks like common but it’s features like bubble tracker and find WiFi are remarkable, which really helps to see real time data usage by app as well as let’s users find nearby WiFi.

An app with exceptional features and simple UI around 5.1 MB should be a great choice.

Download the latest Datally App version 1.5 → DOWNLOAD


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