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HDR is one of the best features which nowadays every smartphone company has added in their smartphone to get some rich quality image.

At first we will try to explain what is HDR?

HDR is high dynamic range technique used in imaging to reproduce rich colours and details which are lost in normal images.

HDR imaging technique combines several different, narrower range, exposures of the same subject. HDR ensures there is no loss of details in highlights or shadows.

In most of the smartphones we are unable to switch on the flash while using HDR mode. But in VIVO V9 we saw that HDR and Flash is used to take image at a same time. So we tried and found a app which manages to give take HDR images while using flash of smartphone.

So let’s just start to know the steps to get the stuff done right away,

  • Download and install A Better Camera App. <— GET THE PAID VERSION OF APP
  • Click and open the App.



  • As seen on the above pic, click on the top right option


  • Now select the HDR mode.
  • Just ensure that flash is on.


  • As seen on the above pic click on the flash icon and switch it on.

Now enjoy HDR with flash to capture the best moments of life even at low light.

Got any problem, comment below.

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