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How to open a Facebook Account is as simple as ‘ trying to tie a shoe lace’ but there are peoples who loves to find information about the things what they are going to do. To help peoples regarding these type of things we “The Roy Stuff” are always there for those peoples.

Let’s just have a quick snap about Facebook. Facebook at present is one of the biggest social networking site which can accessed anywhere from the earth. So you too live in earth, right ? Then let’s start it.

How to Open a Facebook Account

  1. Open your Browser.
  2. Type “” on the search bar.
  3. Facebook website will appear on the screen.
  4. Enter you details below the ” Create a new account” quote.
  5. Fill up all the details like First Name, Surname, Mobile Number or Email Address, New Password, Birthday and Gender.
  6. Then Click on Sign Up.
  7. Great! your Facebook Account will be created.
  8. Additionally after the signup you can find friends who are already in Facebook.
  9. You have to set Facebook Profile Picture.
  10. That’s it, you are now the part Facebook Family.

How to Open a Facebook Account through Facebook App on Smartphones

  1. Download Facebook App from Google Play Store or Apple Store. (You can even download Facebook Lite)
  2. Click on “Create a new account” button.
  3. Enter First Name and Last Name.
  4. Give your Birthday details.
  5. Enter your email address and Password.
  6. Set up your password.
  7. Get the verification code.
  8. That’s it! You are all set to begin your journey on Facebook.

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