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Call Recorder – ACR App is one of the best app for recording call available in Play Store. It is a smart call recorder app with advanced features which will be worth trying once. Call Recorder – ACR App comes with a free version and a paid version. I am using it from 2 years, so let’s have a look on the both versions.

Call Recorder – ACR App

User Interface

Call Recorder – ACR App has a great yet smooth UI which can even change colours if you use the dark mode. Free version of the App comes with Ads which pops out from bottom which is not so intrusive and it doesn’t bothers the users.


It comes with a simple dashboard design with a Menu option, ACR Logo, Search option, Sort option on the top from left-side to right-side respectively. Middle of the screen consist the main parts of the apps, that is the recordings of All Calls, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls and Important Calls. Recording of calls are shown according to the calls which we generally do from our contacts or dialler which makes it easy to use. A single tap on the calls shows a pop up with features where you can play the recording, share the recording, you can also call directly from the Call Recorder – ACR App and you can also create notes. Additionally through that popup you can cut and share the recording, add to calendar, transcribe ( it connects you with App which is smart note-taking app. It helps you to remember, search your voce recordings ), you can the recording to excluded list or you can delete it. Even the numbers of recordings are shown at the bottom of dashboard. Every features on the dashboard relatively is great as compared to other apps.


The menu of Call Recorder – ACR App has lots of options. It starts with the Buy Now option which let’s you to buy the pro version of the app. Then comes the recycle bin which stores your deleted recordings, the recordings are stored on the cloud service of ACR App. Recording Issue option let’s users to set the compatibility settings for every type of smartphones. After that it has settings option then Help option where can get the faqs about the app. They have even provided the support mail option in the menu. The options like Rate Me , Tell a friend comes after the above options in the menu. At last there comes an option NLL Apps which redirects you to the Play Store where you can get all the apps by NLL Apps.


At the very first it shows the option to “Buy ACR Pro”.


Ask For PIN – Under the General settings users can set a PIN which is something useful and secure for users who keeps sensitive voice recordings.

Appearance – Even the appearance of the app can be into a dark theme.

Notification – There is also a notification feature which shows you the call recording on the notification bar.

Notification Icon – Enabling it let’s you to have notification icon on the Notification Bar of your smartphone.

Disabled Notification – Even you can set the feature to show the disabled notification icon.

Recycle Bin – The Recycle Bin option let’s you to set the deleted recordings to get stored in the free cloud storage which very useful if you delete the recording mistakenly.

Internet Media Player – Internet Media Player option gives a simple user interface of music player.

Library – Library option let’s you show the recordings in your Music Player

DB Maintainance – It let’s you to have the compressed recordings.


General – You can set your desired storage location for recordings. You can enable “keep recording prompt” to show recording prompt for every call. The Auto Delete option let’s you delete recording after preferable days. Even the short recordings can be deleted.

Recording – Audio source ( MIC ) is automatically enabled to record both sides of the call. Enabling the Loud Speaker mode automatically turns on the loud speaker during call and it might cause disconnection from Bluetooth devices. You can also change the recording format. Audio gain (0dB) let’s you increase recording volume but can cause voice cracles. Outgoing recording delay starts the recording for outgoing after preferable time and the Incoming recording delay does same for incoming calls.

Recording Modes – Start recording (Auto) enables the power to start recording automatically or manually, set it to automatically for optimal performance. Sake to record enables the recording to start after you shake your smartphone, yes it is very unique. Incoming and Outgoing Calls let’s you too choose the contacts which you want to record, you can also set it all to record all calls.

Bluetooth – Record on Bluetooth helps you to record the calls while using a bluetooth headset or speaker. To give enhanced Bluetooth recording the app use Bluetooth noise suppression but default. Device must be connected to a Bluetooth headset before the call.

Wi-Fi Calls – One of the exclusive feature on Call Recorder App is that it can also record calls which are made over Wi-Fi.

Recording Filters – You can also filter Recording as per number, you just have to enter the number to “Excluded numbers” which you don’t want to record. If you want to record a specific number every time them you can enter that number in the “Included numbers”.

Cloud Services

Cloud services helps to store the deleted recordings the settings comes with little tweaks. It can only be available on Call Recorder – ACR App Pro version. The list of cloud services are:

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • WebDAV
  • FTP
  • Gmail
  • Auto Email
  • WebHook
  • Other Settings
Wi-fi Acess

It mainly uses the local Wi-Fi connection to automatically back up the recordings.

Recording Transfer

It helps to send or receive the recording files from one user to another user.


You can set your preferable language through this settings.


Updates can accessed from this settings option.

Download the Call Recorder – ACR App

Call Recorder – ACR App

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