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Vivo NEX is one of the two futuristic smartphones launched on July 2018 other one is Oppo FindX so we have came up with 5 Features of Vivo NEX which makes it a Blockbuster. Vivo did the marvelous job launching Vivo NEX with a undoubtedly near to perfect design. Enriched with features with such mind blowing design makes it a blockbuster. Let’s see the 5 Features of Vivo NEX which makes it a Blockbuster as well as a Notch Killer.

5 Features of Vivo NEX which makes it a blockbuster


  • Ultra FullView Display
  • Elevating Front Camera
  • In-Display FingerPrint Scanning
  • Dedicated AI Button for Jovi
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chip-set

Ultra Full View Display

Vivo NEX offers a 6.59 inch Ultra Full View Display, eliminating the cameras from top and hiding the sensors beneath the screen. Eliminating cameras and hiding sensor offers the display to to look more clean and big. The bezels are slim at all the sides and even the bottom bezels are so thin which is remarkable. Size of bezels from top is 2.16 mm and on the bottom is 5.08 mm and the each side is 1.71 mm. Display of Vivo NEX works as speakers as well. Sound vibrations are sent through the display which turns the screen into a speaker.

Elevating Front Camera

Vivo NEX comes with a front camera which comes out of the device and that’s the stuff which makes it Futuristic. It just takes 1 second to come out for action and it’s one of best 5 Features of Vivo NEX which makes it a blockbuster. According to Vivo, “it has new micro device system which includes a highly sophisticated microstepping motor” which makes the camera magically outstanding. Vivo NEX features 8 MP front shooter with a f/2.0 aperture and a Sony IMX363 Sensor.

In Display Fingerprint Scanning

First featured in Vivo X23 the in display fingerprint scanning is undoubtedly the best innovation till date. Vivo NEX features an in display fingerprint scanner which removes the home button making a bigger display while giving a Ultra FullView Display.

Dedicated AI Button for Jovi

A latest development by Vivo in their smartphone features is A dedicated voice assistant named Jovi. Vivo NEX features a dedicated AI button named Jovi which uses Artificial Intelligence services. It can be accessed by pressing and holding the button located on left-side of device. Holding the button let’s Google Assistant to pops out for the services. It also comes with pre-loaded Google Lens.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chip-set

Vivo NEX is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset which is at present the best processer. Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ and OnePlus 6 uses the same the processor. Vivo NEX has a 8GB of RAM and Adreno 630 GPU ( Graphic Processing Unit ) which makes it the idle choice for playing heavy games on the smartphone.

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